34SP.com confirms PHP7 as standard for WordPress hosting

PHP7 for WordPress

34SP.com has formally announced PHP7 as the minimum version for all of their managed WordPress hosting accounts. This means any new WordPress hosting plan purchased from the UK focused website hosting company will now be provisioned with PHP7.

34SP.com has also confirmed they are already seeing meaningful performance gains from the major update. Platform lead Tim Nash commented, “In addition to adding a raft of new features to the standard PHP library, we are thrilled that our own testing is in line with other published reports. We’re seeing a 10-25% increase in performance for our users.”

The move comes after months of deliberate testing and monitoring to ensure the roll out would have minimal end user impact. Using compatibility checking tools to profile their existing WordPress clients’ codebases, 34SP.com was able to carefully monitor how PHP7 might interact with thousands of live sites and plugins before any major update began.

Nash explained, “Our goal was for 95% of hosted sites to run without any fatal error. For those last 5% of incompatible sites our WordPress specialists worked directly with clients to help find and replace problem plugins and themes; at the time of turning on PHP7 for staging sites, we had reached 98% compatibility and are working similarly with those users adversely affected.”

Continuing with their commitment to offer clients convenient self service tools, existing clients have also been making the leap to PHP7 with just a single click. “We are particularly pleased with the rollout,” Nash continued. “To help everyone use PHP7 as soon as possible, our one click migration tools meant that after checking a compatibility log, a client can simply press upgrade and a few seconds later they are running PHP7.”

The addition of PHP7 to the 34SP.com WordPress plan joins an already feature packed solution that includes free Let’s Encrypt SSL, staging sites, one click snapshot backups with offline portability, unlimited traffic and pageviews, all hosted on scalable containerised server.

To test the performance of PHP7 and the platform itself, 34SP.com is currently offering a free 30 day trial of their WordPress hosting plan. Visit their homepage at www.34sp.com for more information.

About 34SP.com

34SP.com is a Manchester, UK based domain and hosting provider. Focused on exceptional service and support, 34SP.com operate an exclusively UK based service team, trained in house and operating out of the UK, 365 days a year. Founded in 2000, 34SP.com also has a particular focus on hosting and managing WordPress websites. 34SP.com is a keen supporter and sponsor of both WordPress and local WordCamps and a strong advocate of the open source movement.