WordPress 4.6 almost here

Construction graphic

WordPress 4.6 RC is here with a predicted release date for the full new version, just a few weeks away. August 16th to be precise.

New features in the anticipated release include

* Enhanced Meta Registration
* Persistent Comment Cache
* New Object: WP_Post_Type
* Open Sans, Native Fonts
* Shiny Updates
* Resource Hints
* WP_Term_Query
* Improved Internationalization
* Pre-instantiated Widget Registration in 4.6
* New and Improved Customizer APIs
* Bootstrap/Load Updates in 4.6
* External Library Updates

Detailed descriptions of each component can be found on the Field Guide to 4.6 posted by Aaron Jorbin recently. Aaron writes that “over 280 bugs, 125 enhancements, 7 feature requests, and 18 blessed tasks have been marked as fixed in WordPress 4.6.”