How To Find That WordPress Plugin

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I’m sure we’ve all been there. The light bulb of inspiration went off in your head like the flash of a thousand suns. Within minutes you’ve got your WordPress install live on your hosting and upto date. You’re ready to deploy your latest and greatest idea. The world is about to be changed! There’s just one small final step. Your earth shattering idea needs a simple plugin installing. No problem, there’s a plugin for everything right?

Well, yes there is, and roughly 36,000 others too. Suddenly that excitement drains away and the brilliant flash of inspiration is replaced by the drag of a thousand black holes as you tirelessly rifle through the WordPress plugin repository.

“Ah, this is the plugin”, “wait no, that has not been updated in two years”. “Oh hang on, here it is! Argghh, only a one star rating from a hundred reviewers, never mind” . Sound familiar? Anyone with even the briefest of time in the WordPress ecosystem has probably sat crying at their keyboard, frustrated by sheer overload. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, if the haystack was ten miles high and you suffered from some serious case of vertigo.

This week, Tidy Repo announced a great new WordPress Plugin recommendation service, with this very problem in mind. The service costs just $35 and Tidy Repo will do all the searching and testing for you.

Jay Hoffmann of Tidy Repo writes, “So I though I’d open this up as a service. Starting today, you can hire us as experts to give you a plugin recommendation. Just tell us what piece of functionality you’re looking to add, or what feature you need to get off the ground, what your preferences are (free or premium, etc.) and we’ll tell you exactly which plugin you need. And we won’t just make a plain recommendation. We’ll make sure to test it on a live server in exactly the environment of your site, so you can be sure that it will work. Sure, I’ll say it. That’s a guarantee.

So, when inspiration strikes in the future, don’t sit crying at your keyboard contemplating needle and haystack analogies; just contact Tidy Repo and let the experts do the hard work.