Super Smooth Plugins in WordPress 4.2

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Reported this week by WP Tavern is one particular important update coming in WordPress 4.2 – which should help even more users discover the usefulness of WordPress.

Testing the software ahead of its formal launch, Jeff Chandler of WP Tavern writes, “I was able to install 10 plugins in under a minute. Removing friction from the update and install process not only saves mouse clicks, but it’s a great user experience. In fact, the process is so quick, it might make sense to add a visual indicator that tells the user a plugin is installed. For instance, when a plugin is installed, a notification model window would pop up and fade away.”

If you check out the linked article you can also see some quick videos of the new installation process, which is as slick as can be. This is in stark contrast, As WordPress Core dev Mark Jaquith puts it to the current process where he notes, “The UI for plugin installs and updates and the UI for theme updates (and combined updates) is about as friendly as the Linux boot sequence.”

We couldn’t agree more,